DOS001 – Hydraulic Deadweight Tester

The oil operated deadweight tester DOS001 has an accuracy of 0.01% of reading. The piston cylinder is made of tungsten carbide which is extremely hard and wear-resistant. The weight column and pump are mounted on a stainless steel base plate.

A triangle frame is used to make a steady and firm base for the weight column and can be leveled out by a spirit level. The weight carrier is of a hanging type and therefore insensible for any negative influences like friction of a support piston. The picture shows the design of a DOS001. An EA RVA certificate by an accredited third party is standard. The certificate shows the effective area as well as a list of all masses.

Operating Principle

The primary function of the system is to combine two primary metro logical quantities:

  1. the piston-cylinder which defines an effective area, A.
  2. the masses, value m, which press on the piston with a force F.
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The oil deadweight testers DOS001 and DOS0008 can be ordered with different mass sets.  Generally it is delivered in kg. With the mentioned formula.

The table gives a list of masses corresponding with the ranges.
At the moment two different diameter of pistons are available but in the near future it will be expanded to more different pistons sizes


dgs001_ug  dgs001_ug